Music Therapy: Every Friday night is Karaoke Night at Overtime!

Music Therapy: Every Friday night is Karaoke Night at Overtime!
Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to relax and find ways to entertain ourselves until the cold days of winter give way to spring. Music and singing relieve stress, help you unwind, and of course, have fun. Karaoke at Overtime Bar and Grill allows you to get out of the house during the long winter evenings and experience music in a relaxed social setting, all while enjoying our food and drink menu.
Winter can leave us without the stimulation of sounds and sights we’re used to in the warmer months. It also can make us sleepier, cranky, less active, and less prone to get out and socialize.  Karaoke fights many of these common winter slumps! According to PsychCentral, research shows that music:
  • Helps us relax
  • Gets us in touch with our emotions
  • Stimulates the brain
  • Distracts us from the everyday routine
  • Connects us to others
  • Gets us  up and moving around
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Introduces us to new people and new music
  • Singing itself has amazing health benefits–learn more here!
If you’re too shy to jump on stage, it’s ok! You can still have a great time by coming out to watch and listen to others perform your favorite songs.
If you need to relieve some pent-up holiday stress, let out some of your midwinter angst, or just have a great time, join us every Friday night for Karaoke Night! We feature daily specials, and Friday nights are no exception–also enjoy $5 Jameson shots, $4 Blue Moon Draft, $6 chicken panini with fries, and more!
Overtime Bar and Grill is a one-of-a-kind, intimate sports bar located in Lombard, Illinois. Featuring a delicious full menu, a unique bacon menu,  a huge selection of beer, martinis, wines, ciders and our signature bacon cocktails, Overtime truly has something for everyone. For more on our specials, events, and menus, please visit our site, or call (630) 376-6947!

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