Satisfy Your Bacon Cravings at Overtime Bar & Grill

Satisfy Your Bacon Cravings at Overtime Bar & Grill

Bacon Hog WingsDo you love bacon? Of course you do! Here at Overtime Bacon Bar & Grill, we are bacon fanatics. Which is why we have put together an impressive bacon-themed menu that will satisfy all of your cravings. There’s not a food that doesn’t go well with bacon. It is versatile, indulgent and downright delicious. Which is why we are enhancing traditional appetizers, desserts and drinks with the flavors of crunchy, salty, perfectly cooked bacon.

If you think bacon is just for breakfast, think again! Take a look at some of the items you will find on Overtime’s bacon-themed menu:

Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks
What’s better than deep fried mozzarella? Deep fried mozzarella wrapped in bacon! Overtime has perfected this starter with a homemade bacon ranch for your dipping pleasure.

Bacon Sampler
You can’t go wrong with a plate of bacon appetizers. Order the Bacon Sampler and you will get your choice of any 4 of the following: bacon mozzarella sticks, bacon and steak roulades, bacon jalapenos, bacon mushrooms, hot wings or scotch egg.

Bacon Stuffed Burger
Overtime has reinvented the traditional bacon burger by turning this concept inside out. The Bacon Stuffed Burger comes perfectly cooked and stuffed with a specialty 3 Cheese Melt and Bacon Crumbles inside.

Drunken Piggy
Nothing washes bacon down better than a cocktail. Overtime Bar & Grill has crafted 13 bacon-infused cocktails that are truly delicious! Stopping in for lunch? Try our Bloody Piggy, a traditional bloody mary with a twist or a Chocolate Piggy made with chocolate liquor and bacon vodka.

bacon wrapped oreos Bacon Desserts
Our piggy dessert menu features Bacon Brownies, Bacon Twinkies, Bacon Oreos, Bacon Rootbeer Floats and Bacon Chocolate Ice Cream. Need we say more?

Whether you’re stopping into Overtime for a drink with friends or the big UFC fight, don’t leave without having the bacon! We have been rated by The Chicago Traveler as one of the top 10 places in Chicago for bacon with our diverse menu featuring bacon themed appetizers, desserts and even drinks! You could say we’re going overtime on bacon.

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