Top 5 Bacon Must-Haves at Overtime Bacon Bar

You can never have too much bacon. At Overtime Bacon Bar, our menu is packed with the sweet and salty flavors we all know and love. With so many delicious bacon options, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. We understand, after all you couldn’t possibly try all of these options (well…at least not all at once). Overtime Bacon Bar was placed in “The Chicago Traveler” Top 10 places for Bacon in Chicago with a menu features appetizers, entrees, drinks, and even desserts featuring, you guessed it, bacon. We thought it seemed unfair to deem everyone’s favorite meat “just for breakfast”. Here are the menu items that our customers and staff here at Overtime Bacon Bar consider the 5 Bacon Must-Haves.

  1. Bloody Piggy – A zesty bloody mary mixed with our premium-flavored vodkas. This drunken piggy features a bacon salted rim and a bleu cheese stuffed olives garnish.
  2. Bacon-Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks – A twist on a traditional appetizer favorite. These melty mozzarella sticks are wrapped tightly in crispy, smoky bacon. Next they are fried and served with a bacon ranch dipping sauce.
  3. Bacon Jalapeños – Start the meal out right with this appetizer. These fresh jalapeños are stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and finally wrapped in crispy bacon. Served with a side of spicy ranch dipping sauce and fiesta sour cream.
  4. Bacon-Stuffed Burger – A bacon-topped burger seemed too predictable so we stuffed our burger bacon crumbles and a three-cheese melt instead.
  5. Bacon Brownie – A sweet chocolate dessert topped with a scoop of ice cream and crumbled bacon

When it comes to bacon, we’re professionals cooking, creating, and serving the perfect combinations of beer and bacon. Stop by to watch your favorite team on our HD TVs, enjoy happy hour specials and even free pool! Overtime Bacon Bar is located in Lombard at 801 East Roosevelt Road. Contact us at (630) 376-6947 or visit our website to view our full menu, specials, and more. To stay updated, leave us a review, or see more mouthwatering pictures of our entrees, make sure to “like” us on Facebook!



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